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Please, sit down, we’d like to tell you our story.

Jump into the past
and visit our laboratory,
to know where LdiR products born…

L’Artigiano di Riccione was born in 1950 on Adriatic Coast as a small shoes workshop.
Bruno Barnabè – L’Artigiano’s real name – put together wood, cork and other cheap materials remained after the war. Using his creativity and ability, he starts to craft women sandals modeling cheap materials after the foot of every single client.
First german tourists on vacation, after italians too, used to go to L’Artigiano di Riccione workshop to make him realize their own shoes in front of them.
Hand crafting and passion for the product are the keys to the success: in a few time the awareness of L’Artigiano di Riccione grows in all the italian country and his shoes are sold in lots of stores.

In 1980 Alfredo Barnabè, Bruno’s son, starts to work into the company and brings successful changes.
Through the same passion for the product, Alfredo and his wife Daniela guide the laboratory and start to catch upcoming fashion trends.
According to fashion flair, in 2005 L’Artigiano di Riccione creates Indianini boots: they still represents the core-product. To produce them, Alfredo and Daniela select best leathers all over the World and match them with contemporary accessories like studs and crystals.
LdiR, acronym of L’Artigiano di Riccione, starts to brand the heel of every pair of shoes to guarantee their originality.
People walking in the street recognize the original LdiR shoes looking at the branded heel, people wearing them by the comfort and versatility of the shoes.
For almost ten years people love LdiR shoes for their comfort, versatility and strong personality, but also for the high quality and resistance: know-how and best materials are the key! Since 2000, foreign women has been falling in love with LdiR Indianini boots: USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia and many more.
LdiR enlarges its audience but also its product offer: from 2010 starts to realize leather bags, accessories like bracelets and belts, and the brand new Easy Glam sneakers. New ideas come from trend studies and from the attention to women needs.

L’Artigiano di Riccione story is a Made in Italy story but is also the story of everyone of you, women who like to be unique and comfortable, wearing a LdiR hand-crafted item.