Indianini boots resole

What is the resole service?

If your LdiR boots need a new sole and a new stitching we’re here to help.

Using the boots for long time the soles or stitchings often need to be replaced.

Getting your indianini resoled will make it possible for you to keep wearing the boots you love for many years to come.

How to proceed

To have your LdiR indianini boots repaired by the L’Artigiano di Riccione workshop, complete the following steps:

  1. Get in touch by Whatsapp (+39 389 9199900) or by the following form.
  2. Ship boots to:
    L’Artigiano di Riccione
    via Tazio Nuvolari, 16
    47843 Misano Adriatico (RN) – Italia
  3. In the box please include a note with your name / address / email / phone number.

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    Resole FAQ

    When is the best time to think about resoling my LdiR boots?

    When the rubber sole wears down considerably but before the wear goes into the leather.

    How often do i need to get my LdiR boots resoled?

    It depends on a variety of factors: wear conditions, gait, weather conditions, etc. Some women have their boots resoled as frequently as every 12 months, while some never have it done.

    What are the benefits to having the factory do the resole?

    We manufactured the boots, we know all of the details that went into creating them. We’ll use the right materials and construction methods to ensure the finished product looks like the ldir boot you originally bought.

    What are the shipping costs?

    The shipping cost to send them to us is not included, it’s on your charge. The cost of shipping them back to you is included into the price quotation. We will always let you know where they are in the process and provide you with a tracking number.